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Even if you are a locksmith, dinosaur scientist or are peddling tractors, I can make your business sound glorious, poignant and downright charming.

I’ll infuse your story with an outrageous amount of romance and by the time we are done, everyone will want to be you.

It’s science.

Woo them with Words

If you’ve been nominated for a business award, or are thinking of entering one you may be feeling a little bit overwhelmed, excited or wondering what the hell you have got yourself into.

Business awards are a big deal. Believe the hype. 

They can also become quickly stressful when you are under pressure with what has now become a painful deadline and all you have are empty pages and lots of questions.

Even if you can turn water into wine in your day job, articulating just how amazing that really is in writing and winning an award for it, is another thing entirely.

And then there is the whole imposter syndrome moment. The “I’m not successful enough to enter” or my personal favourite “What will other people think?”

Business awards are not just for the cool kids, they are for everyone.

Entering a business award is more than just flinging a few awesome things together to wow some scary judges.

It is a strategic process where we create an inspiring resource-rich legacy that is a testament to your excellence and success.

An ode to the sleepless nights and grey hair you now have, but also a reminder of just how far you have come.

Phwooar. We’ll drink to that!

Running your own business is just bloody hard.

Cash flow and supply issues, nightmare customers, the spicy cough, AI disruptors and things like pushing through an 80-hour work week so you don’t have to work 40 hours for someone else. 

You are making it.

You are still here.

You are killing it.

So let’s celebrate the shit out of that.

Think of your award submission as a record of your journey.

An inspiring legacy resource that will hold the judges’ attention from start to finish.

I will help you maximise the opportunities to score every single judging point possible. 

At the end, you will have a powerful, resource-rich content bank that you can draw from forever.

Right, so how much does it all cost?

Annoying, I know, but there is no one-size-fits-all rate for these things.

Because I don’t want to waste your time or mine, there are things I need to know before I can give you a price point for any project.

If you want to cut to the chase and get a ballpark instead, fill in this form here.

If you are keen on a neat and tidy proposal with clear deliverables and costing, read on.

I plan my time and the cost involved based on:

  • The type of writing required
  • The amount of research required
  • Level of urgency – warp speed rates are extra
  • The value it is going to bring you
  • The intention, aim, and purpose of the project.

Before we work together, we will need to eyeball each other and see if we jam.

We’ll schedule a zui (zoom hui) so that I can introduce you to my plants and my dogs and you can see my face.

Work-from-home chaos, butternut-flinging kids and messy desks with piles of laundry don’t phase me.

No need to press your slacks or wear a bra. Just come as you are.

  • Plenty of feedback and communication– I won’t make you guess
  • Enthusiasm and virtual dog pats
  • Lots of ideas – I never stop coming up with new things for us to try
  • Project planning – I run a tight ship and don’t like to manage shipwrecks
  • Short, sweet catchups – long meetings are like rocking chairs. They give us something to do but won’t take us anywhere
  • Time is money. I am not going to waste yours or mine
  • I am fun to work with and a little bit sweary
  • We won’t lose track of what we are doing or what’s coming next.

When I write your business awards submission, I will take away all the overwhelming pressure and stress of a big, scary deadline.

And deal with a bunch of other boring, time-sensitive stuff that comes with it, so you don’t have to.


Your awards submission is a collaborative effort between you and I. This is not one of those pay the money and come back and collect it when it is ready things.

My process and timelines have been put through their paces so that you can have the best experience possible.

And make no mistake, I want you to win.

An award submission is an investment of time and money – both yours. 

Do not embark on this process if you don’t have time. This is not something that should be done in a rush.

Let’s rather plan together for the next one.

We are all good enough to win.

And not just because our Mums say so.

But I am certainly not going to enter an award for Excellence in Spaceship design. Because let’s face it, I am not in a room with my peers. 

So it is more about whether you are entering the right award and the right category for your business rather than the shiniest one.

Because you and your business are good enough.

I can provide helpful, strategic advice to find the right award entry for you.

And I will work with you every step of the way.

Yep. You totally can.

You can also wear socks and jandals to a board meeting, eat ice cream while dripping it on your boss’s desk, or run naked through the underground parking at work. 

But should you?

If you have used ChatGPT or any other bot writing software, then you know what’s cooking in that kitchen.

If you don’t, then you will want to know that the ingredients are predominantly plagiarised and factually incorrect. 

I wouldn’t trust it to write anything I have given blood, sweat and tears to, like my business.

Need to bang out a rap song for a co-worker who is leaving, a list of puns, alliterations or Dad jokes in a flash?

ChatGPT could be ust the bot for the job.

Articulating the specific nuances of what you do in order to secure an accolade that will:

  • Wow your customers
  • Impress your suppliers
  • Make your stakeholders so stoked that you get the fancy box at the rugby from now on.

Then you will need an experienced human writer to do it for you.

"From proactive ideas, creative thinking to dreaded website emergencies, Tracy is always at the forefront, making the ride as smooth and efficient as possible. Her strategic expertise, boundless energy and limitless enthusiasm have made her a trusted extension of our business. Her standard of excellence reflects our values of striving for the impeccable and we are so proud to work with her. She is also just annoyingly good."
Lois Scott

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Running your own business is just bloody hard

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