Work With Me


My Mission

Resident Cat slave, hummus addict, Dog Parent and aerial fitness enthusiast. Have also survived bringing up teenagers.

Why Me?

I started my digital journey in the dark cyber ages of the early 2000s. The contractors and businesses helping me build my new business saw me coming.

It didn’t take them long to load me up to my armpits in eye-watering invoices and a heap of bells and whistles I didn’t need.  Then when they could no longer invoice me for anything else I was abandoned in the online desert with no clue where to go next. 

The Game Changer

If I had had someone to work alongside me, to help me cut through the clutter, prioritise on what to do first, to really understand what I was doing it all for and why, to help me scale in a realistic way that I could manage with the resources I had available while identifying opportunities that I could have actioned myself, it would have been a game-changer.

I have made the expensive mistakes, navigated the gauntlet of crooks and cowboys and have emerged on the other side with my sense of humour miraculously still intact along with some great stories to tell at Wine O’clock. 

So that is why I am here, I am here for you. 

You can do this and with less wine and crying, so let’s do it together.


What to Expect

  • Deadlines are respected and communication is made if they need to change
  • Feedback is clear and direct – I won’t make you guess
  • I have an unwavering commitment to your business growth and development
  • Our time is precious and I never waste any of it
  • Peace of mind planning and project management is what you will come to rely on from me
  • Project planning – I run a tight ship and don’t like to manage shipwrecks
  • Long meetings are time wasters. Time is money, I am not going to waste yours or mine
  • Working with you is a privilege I don’t take lightly

Join The Crew

Happy Jammers