Work With Me


I'm on a Mission

And not just to hunt down my pre-baby body and beg it to come back.

Resident Cat slave, hummus addict, Dog Parent, plant nut and aerial fitness enthusiast. I have also survived bringing up teenagers. (That should absolutely be a credential.)

Why Me?

I started my digital journey in the dark cyber ages of the early 2000s. The contractors and businesses helping me build my brand saw me coming.

It didn’t take them long to load me up to my armpits with eye-watering invoices and a heap of bells and whistles I didn’t need. Then, when they could no longer invoice me for anything else, I was abandoned in the online desert with no clue where to go next.

The Game Changer

If I had had someone to work alongside me, to help me cut through the crap, prioritise what to do first, and help me really understand what I was doing it all for and why, while identifying opportunities that could have taken me to the next level without breaking the bank, it would have been a game-changer.

I have made the expensive mistakes, navigated the gauntlet of crooks and cowboys and have emerged on the other side with my sense of humour miraculously still intact, along with some great stories to tell at Wine O’clock.

So that is why I am here. For you. *violin crescendo*

You can do this and with less wine and crying, so let’s do it together.

*Behold the bonus pic of what you will see on Zoom vs the fancy pics the photographer took.


What to Expect

  • Plenty of feedback and communication- I won’t make you guess
  • Enthusiasm and virtual dog pats
  • Lots of ideas – I never stop coming up with shit for us to try
  • Project planning – I run a tight ship and don’t like to manage shipwrecks
  • Short, sweet catchups – long meetings are like rocking chairs. They give us something to do but won’t take us anywhere
  • Time is money. I am not going to waste yours or mine
  • I am fun to work with and a little bit sweary
  • You won’t lose track of what we are doing or what’s coming next.

Join The Crew

Happy Jammers