Need a Subbie?


If you woke up this morning ready to blaze through your day and were greeted with crying, hyperactive kids who made a breakfast explosion of cereal and mustard in the kitchen and have already had to deal with 100 marbles on the lawn and a masterpiece of body lotion all over the carpet and the dog.

I can help.

If this is you:

  • Feeling totally overwhelmed and need another expert pair of eyes to help you
  • Have so much work and deadlines are piling up
  • Have an area of expertise that you are not so hot in and would like someone to wrangle it
  • have reached the stages of wine and crying and are starting to think about a day job

You need:

  • Someone to hit the ground running, plug into a project immediately and get the job done
  • Someone who can whip up a wireframe, dive deep into analytics, untangle a sitemap or crank up a banging product description without breaking a sweat
  • A clever copywriter who is just as comfortable working behind the scenes as they are client-facing
  • To work with someone you can rely on.

A trusted subbie will save the day and handle your deadlines with expert efficiency and professionalism while you collapse in a heap and drink wine through a straw.


What kind of support does your project need?
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Please provide your location and current time zone if you are based outside of New Zealand or Australia.
Is there anything else we need to know?